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Thank you Germany: Part 066: Lake Constance offers great holidays at the “Swabian Sea” for little money


While there is the sea in the north of Germany, the south of the country holds a favourable alternative: Lake Constance is a special attraction. It is also known as the “Swabian Sea”. With its large surface area, it offers space for many water sports. On the other side of the shore are the Swiss Alps.

They offer a special landscape panorama. Lake Constance is an island, and it also has many promenades and beautiful sandy beaches on its shores. There are also beautiful campsites on many shores. These can be used for an inexpensive holiday. With a tent, you can stay here in beautiful surroundings for little money. But you can also spend a nice holiday here with a caravan or camper van. The lake also offers the possibility of accommodation in a yacht, on a sailing boat or houseboat. Visitors can even rent houseboats for the duration of their holiday. This is also popular with many visitors every year. There is an introduction to houseboats. An own driving licence is not necessary for smaller houseboats.

So even people without a boat licence can enjoy a nice holiday on a boat at Lake Constance. There is also a ferry that takes visitors to Lake Constance to the other shore. So people in the south of the republic can visit Switzerland or Austria, which are on the other side of the lake. In Switzerland, there are many small tranquil towns, such as Sankt Gallen. In Austria, the beautiful Bregenz attracts visitors with its art museum for contemporary art. Lake Constance offers a wide range of excursion destinations for all tastes and interests. There is also a town with pile dwellings on Lake Constance.

Finally, wine production is one of the region’s special cultural events. Those who wish to do so can obtain detailed information in a wine museum. But a little wine tasting or a good culinary treat in one of the region’s restaurants are always worth a trip. You simply have to love the country for the beautiful holiday opportunities and the special atmosphere at the big lake. Not every other country has such a large lake. And it is not always on the border of two other countries. Even though German is spoken in all of these countries, this makes Lake Constance a special place for intercultural encounters.

At the same time, the fact that German is spoken everywhere here is perceived as an advantage by many visitors. There are no language communication problems here. Even people who are not fluent in English will find this a nice place to spend their holidays. The region’s cuisine is inspired by all the countries that meet at Lake Constance. This is also seen as an advantage by holidaymakers. After all, every visitor can choose exactly the delicacies that best suit their own tastes. The beautiful Lake Constance has also been described in many poems. It has been around for a long time. And for many centuries it has been a popular destination for people from the region as well as from other countries.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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