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Thank you Germany: Part 067: A rich literary scene provides diverse reading experiences


In the land of poets and thinkers, writing has always been one of the country’s very special qualities. But it is not only poets of the Weimar Classic that provide Germans with insightful reading. There is also a well-positioned young literary scene in the country. This is supported by newspapers as well as radio and television and a book fair that is unique in the world. Simply everything of distinction travels to the Frankfurt Book Fair. But it is not only the big names that are published in Germany.

Many small publishing houses ensure that interesting book publications also come onto the market outside the mainstream. They give people a particularly creative read. In the German book market, every reader can find just the right book for his or her taste. Many literary prizes help young authors make a name for themselves. Many a career started in Leipzig or Frankfurt and then developed into a star in the literary firmament. Quite a few German writers are translated into many other languages and published worldwide. But even those who like things unorthodox find the right format in Germany. There are even small publishing houses that publish literary short formats by people who are active on Twitter.

You don’t find such a diverse literary scene in every country. The many small bookshops also ensure that people without an overview of the current book market can buy many an insider tip. As a rule, you still get the best advice in a well-stocked bookshop in Germany. In contrast to some other countries, Germany still has not only wholesale chains but many small bookshops with well-trained booksellers. They don’t just sell you a product, but try to give you a high-quality book tip that exactly meets your needs. A good read of the right book can then either provide relaxation in one’s free time, impart important knowledge and sometimes even change an entire life. In Germany’s bookshops, many people do a very excellent job of making exactly this possible.

Every person who likes books undoubtedly appreciates Germany for precisely this quality. Many people have their own favourite bookshop where they have been shopping for many years. But even as a visitor to a new city, you can often discover very special bookshops. Germany offers plenty of opportunities for discovery in this field. Both in terms of production as well as distribution and purchasing of books, there are excellent conditions in Germany. Book lovers from all over the world love the country for this reason. In many other countries, not every city has the kind of opportunities that are simply part of life in Germany.

Anyone who appreciates books and thinks consciously about this wealth of bookshops and special book publications must simply love the country for it. From childhood onwards, you can have very special reading experiences in Germany. Many people in Germany have books that accompany them throughout their lives. There are reasons why the reading culture in Germany is so strong. One can be just as grateful to the many new writers as to the classics and the booksellers.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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