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Thank you Germany: Part 069: Electric cars belong to the technical innovation of our time


Industry and renewable energies often go hand in hand in Germany. This development has gone from strength to strength in recent decades and Germany can be proud of this connection. It not only makes an important contribution to the preservation of the planet in terms of individual environmentally conscious households. It ensures a societal shift towards renewable energies that can be used by broad segments of the population. An important area in this development is the production of electric cars. It has been pushed further and further in Germany. The world’s most famous car nation is thus pioneering an important field.

Oil will run out at some point. There are not infinite resources of this material. Therefore, in the long run, we have to switch to a different production. In Germany, driving electric cars is already possible today. Many a large automobile company even has a plan in the pipeline for a complete conversion to electric operation. More and more cars are being built with electric operation. Many people can already afford models of this kind. The companies produce them at an affordable price. Added to this is the fact that electric cars can now be charged in more and more places in Germany.

In addition to the new electric mode, there are also cars that can run on both petrol and electricity. This gives drivers a great deal of flexibility. Cars of this kind can also be leased. More and more Germans have made the decision to buy an electric car in recent years. It seems to be only a matter of time before production is completely switched over to cars of this type. Compared to normal cars powered by petrol or diesel, electric cars also offer another advantage. They are particularly quiet.

When driving an electric car, there is not such a loud noise. This makes for more peace and quiet during the drive. Both drivers and cities benefit from this quality. If electric cars are used nationwide at some point, the city in Germany will probably become much quieter as a result. Thanks to the targeted production of electric cars, the right research in this field and appropriate economic policy support, the development of electric cars in Germany has come a long way. The world’s car nation does not have to worry that its own economy will fall behind after the disappearance of the petrol-powered car. Quite the opposite: Germany is in an excellent technical position for the future.

The development in the field of electric cars is a viable technology for the future. In the coming years, it will not only be used by important large companies. Many private households and quite normal consumers can also already be equipped with this modern technology and use it in their private lives. The new cars inspire both men and women. The beautiful design but also the environmentally conscious charm of this production ensures that these products have many fans. Most users of German electric cars are extremely satisfied with the vehicle they have purchased. The new technology already offers a great deal of comfort. We can be grateful for that.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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