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Thank you Germany: Part 070: Few countries offer such a strongly positioned adult education system


There are probably few other countries that do so much for the lifelong learning of their population. Germany offers its population many opportunities throughout their lives to further their own education and to keep learning new skills. The adult education centres play an important part in this. But there is also a whole range of courses, workshops and educational seminars offered at universities and by private educational providers. If you have a particular interest, you can select a suitable offer and get further training.

Many of these offers conclude with a certificate. In this case, there is transparent documentation of the qualifications acquired. Such documentation can be used on the labour market for job applications. Some certificates also give participants the opportunity to work as trainers or counsellors themselves. In the Adult Education Centres there are suitable educational offers for a wide range of interests. For example, many people learn a new language through adult education courses or language labs. Here, language skills are learned together in a group. In the courses, the participants can also use the language. On the one hand, they learn much faster this way and can thus gain a more lasting qualification. On the other hand, each course is conducted by a professional leader.

This ensures that the participants memorise the knowledge. In the case of a language course, the well-trained leader ensures, for example, that the participants get used to a clean pronunciation and also become familiar with the grammatical basics of the language. In this way, the educational offers can ensure a confident command of a completely new language. Many courses also offer an advanced course. In this way, participants can gradually acquire higher and higher levels of a language. But Germany offers its residents not only language courses but also many other educational opportunities. From qualifying as a beekeeper to working professionally with photos to using a computer safely to taking a chess course, there are many different educational opportunities in Germany. Some of these educational offers have even been designed specifically for a certain target group. For example, there are courses in which senior citizens learn how to use a smartphone or computer confidently and without fear. But there are also programming courses or technical education programmes specifically for women in some cities.

From the wide range of continuing education courses, you can also choose the format that fits your own time allotment as well as possible. This prevents participants from not being able to properly prepare or follow up on the courses. Good preparation and follow-up ensure that the learning effect of the courses is particularly high. With the wide range of different event formats, the event can be selected very specifically. In turn, this means that Germany also offers people with a full working week the opportunity for further education. Those who are particularly serious about it can even take up their own distance learning course in a particular subject here. There are usually no admission requirements for this in Germany. This means that people with any level of education and even without a school-leaving certificate can continue their education in Germany effectively and in a particularly sustainable way.

The respective qualification is well recognised on the labour market. Perhaps this is one reason why many people in Germany take advantage of the opportunity for further education.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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