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Thank you Germany: Part 071: Swimming pools provide relaxation in summer as well as winter


Swimming pools are appreciated by Germans. The outdoor pools provide a cool change in summer. In winter, there are a large number of indoor pools that provide exercise in a well-warmed interior. Not infrequently, there are even further relaxation options for visitors here. A visit to the sauna or a massage from a professional will ensure that you can get away from it all and really relax. There are also quite a few historic spas in Germany. People can take their bath here in a large swimming hall under beautiful Art Nouveau architecture. Not only bathing fans are thrilled by this.

The special Art Nouveau baths, which were built around 1900, will make every friend of design and beautiful architecture’s heart swell when they visit. A popular destination for Germans, however, is the quite normal open-air swimming pool. Many German cities have outdoor pools and even some small towns have their own outdoor pool. The baths have a special status. They are among the cultural facilities that are well and truly supported in Germany. In principle, the municipalities are responsible for the pools. With their subsidies, they ensure that it is possible to visit a swimming pool at reasonable prices. In many cities, there are also development associations and other municipal associations that specifically look after the maintenance of the pools. Germans relax at outdoor pools. They enjoy lying on the grass with a good book just as much as many Germans met their first girlfriend in a swimming pool. In any case, the outdoor pool is a place of relaxation.

This is especially true in summer. If the temperature is too hot, you can stay here in the cool shade. Swimming is one of the most popular sporting activities in summer. When the weather has become too hot for other types of exercise, the cool water provides just the right balance for relaxing on the lawn. In addition, many outdoor pools offer the opportunity to play volleyball or table tennis, and some even have football pitches next to the pool. Another speciality of the outdoor pool is the special food.

Germans enjoy a nice ice cream and a curry sausage or French fries with ketchup or mayonnaise at the swimming pool. Food like this is one of the classic dishes of a good visit to the swimming pool. Many Germans have appreciated this kind of food when visiting the swimming pool since childhood. Some people particularly enjoy a visit to the little chip shop at the swimming pool. When you’re fresh out of the water, you can fortify yourself with the right food. But even those who want to eat more healthily will find the right choice in most of Germany’s open-air swimming pools today. Some outdoor pools even offer their guests their own small restaurants. Here they can order just the right food from the menu to satisfy their own hunger.

In any case, the beautiful pools with their facilities are one of the most beautiful places in Germany. Children as well as adults are grateful to the country for this place in summer. There is hardly any other place where one prefers to spend time in summer than the swimming pool lawn.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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