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Thank you Germany: Part 073: Beautiful flea markets make some very special purchases possible


Germany offers many beautiful flea markets across all federal states. It is one of the Germans’ favourite hobbies to stroll through the markets and find many a good bargain. It’s not only second-hand clothes that are bought here at low prices. Antiques of all kinds can also be found at bargain prices at German flea markets. Valuable works of art have even been bought at some of these markets. For many Germans, this special place also offers the opportunity to get rid of their own old things.

Selling at a flea market is usually quite uncomplicated. If you register in good time and bring your things to the place, you can sell them there for a small stall fee. Some flea markets are even held for charity. In any case, old appliances, books and many other things that are no longer used in your own household can be sold here. Instead of throwing things away, they can find a new owner and the seller can earn some money. Sometimes children also sell their old toys or other things that are no longer needed at flea markets with a small stand.

Selling is great fun for many children. Flea markets are especially popular in spring and late summer. They are great fun for visitors and sellers alike. Some buyers have bought items here that they knew from their own childhood. Other people are looking for a very special wardrobe or find beautiful little accessories with which to embellish their home. Buying antiquarian books is also possible at flea markets. At some stalls, you can find entire editions of works or books from an out-of-print edition. Other stalls offer antiquarian books that are worth a lot of money. Most flea market stalls offer items at a reasonable price. Moreover, the price at the flea market can usually be negotiated very flexibly.

If you are good at bargaining or know a lot about the items in question, you can get a special bargain at the flea market. Some people also sell items from household liquidations at flea markets. This is how antiquarian rarities come onto the market in Germany that are otherwise difficult to obtain. Many people who appreciate a solid old production or have their eye on a very specific item can find what they are looking for at a large flea market. However, the beautiful large flea markets in German cities are also suitable for a pleasant stroll. Even without buying anything yourself, you can have a good time here.

The flea market offers many a nice discovery. At some stalls you can have an interesting conversation with visitors or sellers or even get something as a gift. So a nice flea market offers a pleasant time for every visitor. Many flea markets take place at weekends. After a nice breakfast, Germans can walk around and look at the belongings of each flea market stall. You just have to be grateful to Germany for this nice opportunity to get out and about. Many a stall brings back memories from your earliest childhood.

Small children, couples in love as well as older people enjoy visiting beautiful flea markets in Germany. Everyone is offered a nice time to spend here on site.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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