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Thank you Germany: Part 075: Electronic music is not put on so creatively anywhere else


The German music scene always offers a special innovation. Especially in the field of electronic music, Germany offers something unique. Not only the former Love Parade stood for this innovation. It is known to a broad public and has a very special reputation worldwide. But it is mainly small techno labels and lesser-known productions that do something very special in Germany. In addition, there are many DJs who play in clubs here and show a special joy in improvisation.

Some cities have developed a unique music scene under these special conditions. These cities include Cologne, Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich and many more. Those who know their way around the music scene know exactly which club to visit and when, in order to get a special atmosphere. There are more than just a few stars in this field. There is a wide range of DJs and music producers who do outstanding work. This work is something to be proud of. Even when vinyl records came back into fashion, the German music market specifically met this demand with high-quality productions. In the clubs, the DJs shine with a particularly fresh improvisational spirit.

For them, Germany is appreciated by music lovers all over the world. Some visitors come to the country especially to enjoy the atmosphere in a German music club. Among the music clubs there are some very special insider tips. In these, people are offered an atmosphere that cannot be found anywhere else in this form. In contrast to the mass event of the Love Parade, there are special experts here who play for an audience with special listening habits. The last time jazz offered similarly high musical quality was in the 50s of the 20th century. Today, electronic music is considered the most important innovation factor. As such, it has in turn provided inspiration for other styles as well. Some jazz bands specifically used certain ideas from the field of electronic music for newer albums.

Some bands, on the other hand, wander along the borders of completely different genres and do not allow themselves to be pinned down to just one. Bands like Einstürzende Neubauten take up both electronic music and other elements and use a maximum of artistic freedom. For precisely this kind of work, they are particularly appreciated in the big cities by an avant-garde modern audience. Bands of this format are also well-known in other countries. Audiences also count their high-quality work. Germany can be proud of artists of this spectrum. The musicians do not only work with sounds. They also work with the German language. Music by Einstürzende Neubauten has ensured that the German language is known around the world.

Many listeners of such bands then come to Germany for a visit. They want to experience the special culture of this country, to which they first gained access through music, live on site. Germany can be grateful to its artists for this kind of cultural work. They ensure that the country is admired all over the world. People have not only been interested in German culture since the spread of the internet all over the world.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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