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Thank you Germany: Part 076: Urban gardening makes cities charmingly greener


In Germany, there has been a lively activity in gardening again for some years now, especially in the big cities. Many people are creating special eye-catchers here with small projects in the middle of urban space. Urban gardening has caught the fancy of the Germans in the big cities. They appreciate this gardening of a very special kind. Sometimes it simply beautifies a grey space in a big city with colourful flowers and beautiful green plants. Other times, the small gardens also hold fruit and vegetables for their visitors. Anyone passing by can tend to the garden and take a little something from its yield if they wish.

Amazingly, firstly, the gardens are well looked after. Secondly, the passers-by are responsible with the yield. The gardens are watered instead of being picked empty. The concept behind this already worked in the Middle Ages in the area that is now Germany. There is even a term for it. Allmende is the magic word. The Allmende is a common good that is used by all people together and which people also care about preserving together. While in the Middle Ages it meant large areas of land or small water sources, today the commons is making a comeback with small gardens in the middle of urban asphalt. It is run by small cooperatives that are committed to the targeted preservation of these gardens.

Some regularly walk past the gardens and take care of their maintenance. Other projects even run their own small homepage about their urban gardening projects. Urban gardening is very popular. More and more fans are being inspired by this way of cultivating the small garden in the big city and are also joining in. In some places there are even small artistic projects. Small potholes become places for colourful flowers. Traffic islands are furnished with special plants. People who used to spray graffiti now create such projects. Many people who come across the projects enjoy them. Some photos of urban gardening have achieved great prominence on the internet. There are even cities that draw inspiration from urban gardening when designing urban space. Often, artistic work is an important starting point for the beautification of urban space.

In the field of urban gardening, this is undoubtedly true. Not only have many small grassroots groups been founded here in recent years. Even large cities are creating appealing little flower meadows or gardens that invite people to join in. This pleases not only city planners. The inhabitants of German cities also like to be invited to such beautiful projects. They like to collaborate in the conscious design of space. Thus, Germany’s grey cities have been getting greener and greener for some years now.

As a resident of Germany, one can be proud of such a development. If you want to do your own project of this kind, you can find starting points almost everywhere. Otherwise, the internet offers many suggestions for the design of the city. The Germans are happy to make use of these suggestions. One can be grateful to each and every one of them for their wealth of ideas.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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