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Thank you Germany: Part 078: Theatre in Germany offers plays to suit every demand


Not only Schiller, but also Schlingesief – there are many plays to be seen on German theatre stages! Yet it is precisely the contemporary theatre of the republic that is well worth showing off. Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, Hamburg and many other cities repeatedly bring particularly imaginative interpretations or provocative plays to the boards of their theatres.

Theatre production in Germany is well supported at every location and in every major city. This ensures that many high-quality productions can be seen on the stages of Germany. Most large theatres offer operas or even musicals in addition to plays. All three formats are worth a visit in Germany. If you visit a theatre for the first time, you will often be surprised: many familiar faces do good work there or even come from the theatre. Many an actor you know from film and television learned his or her craft at the theatre. The solid training for actors imparts a broad repertoire of roles and often even singing or dancing skills.

A well-trained actor can deliver the text rhetorically skilfully and performs with a real theatre voice that gives him a special presence in the room. You can feel this special presence at German theatres. They offer a place where many people are entertained every year with very special stories. You don’t have to be an adult to attend such an event. Most theatres also offer a select programme for small audiences. A beautiful children’s theatre can provide children and young people with an unforgettable evening, immersing them in a fantasy world of the first order. Many parents take advantage of this opportunity. In Germany, schools also support the introduction to theatre.

This means that many teachers visit the theatre with their classes. In this way, fear of contact with theatre is reduced. Those who are more interested can become actors themselves. Some theatres offer theatre education programmes for this very purpose. In some towns and cities, small drama groups are formed again and again to perform plays. Many Germans also like to take advantage of this opportunity. Working as an actor is a wonderful hobby that can accompany you throughout your life. Many people who work on acting stages also like to record radio plays. The professional training of the voice gives actors a very special quality in their performance. Children are encouraged in many ways by working in a play: Memorising the text ensures a good memory. The performance provides good vocal training.

Perhaps this is why many parents like to see their offspring involved in a theatre group. Some schools in Germany also take up the opportunities offered by theatre. They offer a theatre club or perform plays at certain events. Involvement in a project of this kind also offers people wonderful experiences and ensures the development of very special talents. No wonder that there are many teachers in Germany who offer a theatre club at their school.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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