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Thank you Germany: Part 080: Weimar not only offers classical music


Germany offers many places with a very special history. One of them is the city of Weimar. Not only is the famous Bauhaus, one of the most important schools of architecture, historically located here. Weimar Classicism also has its origins in this city. Today, we associate Weimar Classicism primarily with Goethe and Schiller. But many architects and artists of the time also lived in Weimar and developed their works here.

The artists of the time demonstrated a particular mastery in the creation of poems and paintings, in the construction of houses and in the creation of sculptures. They were supported by the court. At that time, Weimar was politically in the provinces. Artistically, however, it set out on an activity that earned it a special reputation worldwide. The Weimar Classicists created works that have outlived their time to this day. They are true classics and have a unique effect on everyone beyond their individual epochs. By their example, a consummate artistic work can be studied. That is why we also refer to them as the Weimar Classics.

Incidentally, many artists of this period were not only active in a single field. Some were active in several fields. Goethe himself was active as a writer, politician and scientist. He achieved something special in all fields. The aspirations of the time were linked to a comprehensive education. The artists of Weimar Classicism exemplify a great development of human potential. Hardly any other period saw such lively production. At the time, art was comprehensively supported by politics. The Weimar Classic was a heyday of cultural production. To this day, Germany can look back on the high productivity of this period. It is therefore not without reason that the works are also part of the literary and artistic canon at school. The special dexterity in working on language as well as in the design of other materials exerts a fascination on cultural workers.

Many generations later, Weimar Classicism continues to inspire cultural workers and artists. The city of Weimar can be visited today. With its many museums and cultural institutions, it ensures that visitors can immerse themselves in the special zeitgeist of Weimar Classicism. Germany is also the envy of the world for this opportunity. Those who live in Germany can view the originals on site. Anyone who takes the time to visit Weimar will have many special artistic and cultural experiences here. Many people take advantage of this opportunity. Nevertheless, Weimar has not become a big tourist magnet. This means that the city offers a nice place for a relaxed educational holiday. During this time, one is not harassed or surrounded by too many other tourists. This ensures a pleasant and relaxing holiday.

The opportunity for such a holiday is gladly taken by many Germans every year. Nevertheless, Weimar is still a special insider tip when planning a holiday. Anyone who has visited Weimar once will appreciate it. The special opportunities offered here make for an excellent holiday. It is not only as an educated person that you will have a great time here.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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