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Thank you Germany: Part 082: Camping in a cheap or luxurious way


Anyone who likes camping will find the right place for every requirement in Germany. There are opportunities to pitch a simple tent in a beautiful place for little money, as well as particularly comfortably equipped sites that offer holidaymakers a great time. Some campsites offer luxurious little holiday flats that can be rented. Under the new catchword glamping, Germans are treating themselves to pleasant accommodation here. Glamping is the combination of the two words glamorous and camping. And it is precisely this combination that glamping is all about.

The sites offer visitors ever more surprising accommodation. In some places in Germany, you can stay in a sleeping barrel that provides all the comforts of a small house. In other places, there are small houses underground that provide an overnight stay that brings with it the special charm of a hobbit’s dwelling as seen in the film “The Lord of the Rings”. These and other beautiful overnight stays offer couples in particular a nice opportunity for a romantic holiday in Germany. But glamping also offers a very special experience for a small family with children. It is being used by more and more people to spend a relaxing but also adventurous leisure time. The campsites in Germany have also improved their other offers for this purpose. Some campsites offer the possibility of climbing in a high ropes course. Other campsites allow you to go canoeing or sailing with the family.

Still other accommodations offer campers a sauna or their own swimming pool with a comprehensive SPA offer. In any case, camping today is all about the special comfort of the visitor. On the other hand, those who don’t have their own tent don’t have to be put off by simple camping. Most campsites also offer the possibility of renting a tent on site for a fee. Compared to accommodation in a hotel, this is a cheap way to spend the night on site. This combination of cheap bargain and special comfort is appreciated by most holidaymakers in Germany. It offers a nice opportunity for a pleasant holiday in one’s own country, which is also good for one’s wallet. Accommodation at a campsite does not have to cost much, even for a family or larger group. In addition, German campsites often offer their own entertainment programme for children. In this way, the children are well entertained and the parents can enjoy some time all to themselves.

However, there are also some campsites that are only open to adults. Here, couples or singles can enjoy a quiet holiday without having to put up with a lot of children screaming. Many Germans also use the campsite as a practical place to stay by a lake or the sea. So you can go swimming every day and read a nice book on the lawn during the day. The beautiful campsites enhance the quality of life in Germany. They can be visited not only for a longer holiday. Even for a long weekend, a campsite in Germany is always a nice destination. You just have to love Germany for these places.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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