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Thank you Germany: Part 083: Reunification is a unique story worldwide


One of the unique events in world history is German reunification. During the Cold War, the country and its capital were divided into two halves. And yet this time, world history held a happy hand. Reunification ensured that Germany was put back together again. The capital of the Federal Republic became – how could it be otherwise – Berlin again. In Berlin, you can still trace the special history of this reunification today.

Many people from all over the world associate Germany primarily with Berlin and the Wall. The fact that the Wall was torn down moved many people to tears. People all over the world rejoice at the reunification of the city. At the same time, people are aware of the special political achievement the country has made. It was not easy to unite the two different parts of the country. In some areas there are still considerable differences today. However, there was a clear political will on the part of the country to bring East and West together. This will has been implemented with great effort. Even if the path to this goal was not easy, the country has followed it steadily. The construction of the East and the assumption of certain rights in the West were also part of this reunification. To this day, there are reservations about the East or the West among some older people in certain federal states.

In the minds of most young people, however, East and West have increasingly grown together. Today’s teenagers make no distinction between East Berlin and West Berlin. Both parts are equally hip. Those who move to Berlin also want, above all, to have an affordable flat. Some former East parts offer good opportunities here in particular. Many older people in Germany are also happy about the outcome of reunification. They have good reasons for it. It is simply impossible to imagine what would have happened if, instead of reunification, there had been an armed conflict on the territory of what is now the Federal Republic. The accumulated arsenal of weapons from the Cold War could have been unleashed here in a hot military conflict that would have cost many lives. Despite all the difficulties, the peaceful reunification of Germany is a particularly happy moment in Germany’s history. Reunification is also of great importance for peaceful coexistence in Europe.

Germany, in turn, assumes a special political responsibility as a reunited country. It assumes the responsibility to stand up for an open Europe without military conflicts. The fact that the country was given peaceful reunification makes it responsible for such a policy for an open Europe. This is one of the reasons why all Federal Chancellors since reunification have strongly advocated the shaping of a peaceful Europe and a special European idea. In doing so, they have demonstrated a strong awareness of the country’s history. We must be grateful both to history for reunification and to support this commitment to a common Europe and a peaceful world society.

The fact that Germany fulfils this responsibility in this way and not otherwise is an important historical fact of global significance. The heads of state of many European countries are grateful to the country that founded two world wars.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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