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Thank you Germany: Part 084: Green cities increase the quality of life


In Germany’s cities there is not only grey, but also green to be seen. Germany promotes this with targeted urban planning. The country has many beautiful parks, especially in urban areas, and also provides a green accent or two with trees along its roadsides. In contrast to the cities of some other countries, the inhabitants of Germany are always offered a green ray of hope. Psychological studies have shown that this not only ensures fresher air, but also has a positive effect on the psychological state and mental life of the inhabitants.

The first reason for this is quite simple: large trees often catch and muffle loud background noise. This results in a more pleasant noise level, from which people benefit. But there are also other reasons for the special effect. Seeing nature grow puts you in a good mood. The sight of beautiful plants also calms people down. Finally, there is a certain substance with which the plants in turn have a direct effect on the human immune system and strengthen it. With so-called terpenes, trees communicate among themselves and ward off the influence of pests. Terpenes have a positive effect on the human immune system when inhaled.

However, if you want to benefit from this factor in detail, you should go for a walk in the forest and not in the city. But even planting trees in the city already has a positive effect on humans with the other two factors. In addition, the trees also provide space for birds and other small animals. Singing birds, in turn, calm people and bring joy to children as well as other people. By providing the right place for these birds, the quality of life of people in cities is thus also increased. Today’s urban planners know about such qualities of nature. They therefore ensure that not every open patch of city is covered with concrete. Germany has spent a lot of money in recent years to beautify its cities. City dwellers benefit from the result in the long term. They can enjoy a nature that provides well-being even in the big city.

For this, the work of urban planning is highly appreciated by the Germans. One can be proud of the special achievement and the witty combination of urban space and plant diversity that has developed in recent years. Even with little money, noticeable improvements can be achieved here with the right measures. Improvements of this kind have been achieved in German cities. Although the municipalities do not have much money, they have striven for such improvements and successfully implemented them. One has to be grateful to the municipalities for this effective work.

This work has greatly improved the cityscape all over Germany. Many generations after us will still benefit from this important work. The new developments in urban design and greening have generated many creative ideas here. Many a traffic island is now planted with colourful flowers, which also provide a nice place for bumblebees and bees and thus specifically promote the flora and fauna.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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