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Thank you Germany: Part 085: The country has an impressive hip-hop scene


Germany inspires the world not only with electronic music. Rap and hip-hop from Germany are also quite respectable. From the Rödelheim Hartreim project to KIZ and many other bands, music from Germany offers a high standard both musically and in terms of lyrics. What is special about the German music scene is that it has always emphasised the political side of hip-hop and rap. Germany thus delivers good music at a conceivably high level.

Although there may be different tastes between generations, it is clear that the lyrics from many German music productions are also suitable for discussion in school lessons or political education. There are also a few black sheep in the music scene in Germany who attract attention through xenophobic agitation or even anti-Semitic stereotypes in their lyrics. However, both the press and the music scene itself usually react to such incidents themselves and with very clear statements. Such a clear demarcation from inciting lyrics, as German musicians do, does not always exist in other countries. The fact that it exists here has to do with the artists’ high political awareness.

Even musicians and bands to whom this is not directly attributed usually position themselves very clearly here. This is a particular strength of the German music scene that one can be proud of. In the field of hip hop and rap, this strength comes to bear in its own way. Many songs work with insults and subversively undermine them with artfully constructed lyrics. Any lyrics that are not artfully constructed or simply insulting are clearly criticised in the scene. In this way, a reflective debate about language and discrimination takes place. Many German songs have thus also triggered important political debates. Music of this kind ensures that young listeners develop a well-developed sense of political debate at an early age. Music is also popular in political education work. It is especially good for reaching young people.

Political education work therefore not only uses tried and tested texts. It also uses music to reach young target groups in its work. German songs in the field of hip hop and rap do a good job here. There are many bands from this field that have their own fan base. But even musicians who are not on the radio reach their audience through festivals and concerts. The German language also proves in hip hop and rap that it supports very special artistic achievements. The diverse expressions and the precise composition of rhymes can turn songs into masterpieces of form. Many rappers demonstrate a very special skill in this. They have composed songs that are known across national borders and perform with a special performance. Their own habitus, their posture, can also become the trademark of a musician from this scene. Many of these famous artists have developed individual characteristics that set them apart from the mainstream.

You simply have to love Germany for the special diversity of this famous music scene.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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