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Thank you Germany: Part 088: Amusement parks take you out of the daily grind


Another important institution in Germany are the beautiful amusement parks. Even if not every resident counts them among the country’s important cultural achievements, they do offer one very crucial thing: fun. The prejudice that Germans are too cerebral can be quickly discarded here. In one of the many amusement parks, everyone can find their own fun.

Whether you prefer the ghost train or the roller coaster ride, want to meet certain childhood film heroes or go on an adventurous boat trip – the amusement park offers just the right thing for every kind of adventurous spirit. Especially for children, parks of this kind offer a wonderful destination. They are often visited to take full advantage of the fantastic possibilities this place has to offer over the course of a whole day. To keep people entertained, the parks have come up with many creative ideas and offer completely new rides every year. But the parks offer many interesting adventures not only for children but also for adults.

At some places there are exciting roller coaster rides at others you can try bungee jumping. Many adults appreciate such an opportunity to challenge themselves. Most parks offer rides with a special thrill. It is not every day that one experiences a roller coaster ride like in a theme park. The opportunity to do so is taken up again and again by many people. A special factor about the German amusement parks is the special safety. Germany has enormously high safety standards. So although the rides in amusement parks guarantee a special thrill, you can count on physical integrity here. This is an important prerequisite for carefree enjoyment of leisure time. Visitors to German amusement parks can count on this at all times.

Most amusement parks offer rides and adventures for a wide range of age groups, as well as special care for very young children. This means that families of all ages are well catered for. Many families use the theme parks for a very special experience that is deliberately spent together. In the childhood memories of many Germans, visiting a particular park and riding a roller coaster is firmly anchored. Some people rode this ride together with their older brother or father. People in Germany can still remember this shared experience well as adults.

No wonder so many young parents take their own children on a visit to an amusement park. This is a special experience that creates a very important sense of community. This experience makes one feel safe around a brother or father and knows that one is in good hands at all times. Many Germans are happy about this experience and very consciously want to pass it on to their own children. The opportunity to do so is offered by many well-positioned amusement parks all over Germany.

In many of them, visitors can even spend the night. Many children in Germany dream of an experience of this kind. The amusement park makes sure that dream becomes reality. And it also offers parents excellent entertainment. The physical well-being is also always well catered for in amusement parks.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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