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Thank you Germany: Part 089: German thoroughness is much ridiculed – and yet important


Many jokes have been made about the Germans’ special thoroughness. And yet it is precisely this that is an important advantage of the country. It ensures that all matters are dealt with at the right time and exactly as agreed. This guarantees reliability in private life as well as in business. Especially in complex matters, people around the world like to rely on the Germans. Here, people simply know that they will be dealt with to their complete satisfaction and that everything is also legally clean.

For this reason, many companies like to work with German employees or German firms. But also when it comes to international research projects, people like to get the Germans on board. They guarantee reliable planning and exact completion step by step. With these special qualities, comprehensive research tasks in particular can be successfully managed. The Germans’ personal thoroughness also ensures that complex requirements with different options for action can be handled well.

Germans plan each option carefully and complete it step by step. While some people are sloppy in doing so, Germans tend to be meticulously precise. This is appreciated in difficult matters. It simply guarantees that every single step is exactly right. Many Germans acquire this quality at school or during their studies. When it comes to acting quickly, however, Germans can do things differently. In many sports, Germans with a quick grasp of the game are among the stars who are admired around the world. Without a doubt, these stars know very well when to work thoroughly and when not to work too meticulously. Many footballers or tennis pros come from Germany, for example. But the country’s humanistic education system also has a certain penchant for thoroughness.

If you want to learn ancient languages like Latin or Greek, you have to be very meticulous. Only by breaking words down into their parts and identifying them precisely can a clean translation be achieved. The Germans are masters at such thorough work. This mastery must be acknowledged. As a German, one can also be proud of the thoroughness of one’s own work. Most Germans are rather modest about it. They hide their light under a bushel at this point. They should appreciate their own qualities more. Thorough work is something you learn at school in Germany and ideally you keep it for a lifetime. Thorough work does not exclude a special sense of practicality. Many masters of their trade combine both skills in precise work.

In various fields, the Germans have done work of the highest standard for precisely this reason. They have outstanding athletes as well as researchers. But many Germans also do good work in companies and in management. Internationally, this important quality of the Germans is even praised more than it is made fun of. Many seminars in the field of management or consulting underline the relevance of these qualities for working at the highest level. Germans can be glad that a certain sense of thoroughness is part of the culture here.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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