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Thank you Germany: Part 090: Even the kebab is part of the German Leitkultur today


Islam is not the only thing that belongs to Germany – as a former Federal President once put it. The kebab also belongs to Germany. In fact, it is an important contribution of the Turkish guest workers who helped create the economic wealth of the Federal Republic in the post-war period. It brings Turkish cuisine to Germany. And yet Turkish cuisine is not simply exported. It was developed specifically for the German market. In Turkey, people rarely eat the doner kebab that is available in Germany. Or they only discovered it later.

The dish was developed by Turks specifically for the taste of Germans. It was also developed specifically to be eaten during a short break. Accordingly, the doner kebab is not a traditional Turkish meat dish. It is a German-Turkish snack. This makes the doner kebab an intercultural product of the first order. Today it is offered in almost every German city. There are hardly any Germans who have not tried a doner kebab once in their life. Just as people like pizza from Italy, they also like doner kebab from Turkey. Today, many snack stands offer more than just a cheap snack. The goods at some stalls offer a high-quality culinary treat. In addition to crispy grilled meat, fresh mint and all kinds of spices are often added to the doner kebab.

Many vendors also serve the doner kebab in fresh pita bread from the wood-fired oven. This makes for a delicious snack that is not only appreciated by Turkish families. The doner kebab has been well received in Germany. It is one of the most popular snack dishes. Many Germans regularly buy a doner kebab. The suppliers are meeting with great sales. Today, providers also offer the right products for vegetarian demands. With feta cheese or with falafel, the doner kebab is a real treat for many Germans. They love the dish and can hardly do without buying the delicious offerings. Turkish culture has thus arrived in Germany among broad masses of the population. Germany is a multicultural society.

The culture of families of Turkish origin also has its place in this society. That is precisely what makes the country strong. Anyone who accepts the Basic Law as a common basis and fits into the country’s community of solidarity is accepted and belongs. The constitution and the community of solidarity are the cornerstones of common cohesion, not a person’s ancestry or skin colour. This makes the culture of the country so much more alive. And this also means that the cuisine in Germany has much more to offer than in some other countries. Liberal democracy is the system where food also tastes better. That is an important advantage of which Germany can be proud. This advantage enhances the quality of life for all inhabitants of Germany. From pizza and pasta to kebabs and veal kebabs to French croissants, everyone can enjoy a targeted culinary treat.

Many people live in Germany precisely for this reason and they love Germany for it. It may seem an almost banal reason. And yet the advantage is obvious.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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