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Thank you Germany: Part 093: You won’t find a comparatively cycle-friendly country like Germany anywhere else


In Germany, cyclists can count on special opportunities. The many beautiful cycle paths take people to work on flat roads as well as on beautiful paths for a nice leisure trip. This quality is appreciated by many people in Germany. Just as there is a club for car drivers in Germany, cyclists also have their own association. Especially in the big cities, cyclists in Germany are provided with a comprehensive range of services. This means that for minor damage as well as major repair needs, the right help is available everywhere. With this, bikes are either repaired or repair shops provide the necessary help so that people can repair their bikes themselves.

Safety is also a top priority when cycling in Germany. This is already indicated by the dedicated cycle paths that every city builds for cyclists. Opportunities of this kind do not exist in other countries. Accordingly, the rate of accidents involving cyclists in Germany is much lower in many places than in other countries. But the widespread use of bicycle helmets also ensures greater safety in an emergency. With helmets, the number of fatal accidents has been reduced quite considerably. Germans also take care of their own safety in road traffic by driving carefully. This careful driving is not left to chance. With the bicycle test in childhood, schools ensure that even young cyclists know about the rules of the road and get into the habit of a safety-conscious driving style. The educational measure of the German schools shows its effect.

Such a measure does not exist in all countries. It was also introduced in Germany because almost every child over a certain age has his or her own bicycle. Targeted pedagogical support for the initiation into cycling ensures safe cycling. The widespread use of bicycles among children as well as the introduction of the bicycle test are both important advantages of Germany. One can be grateful to the country for its good support of cycling. In recent times, electronically powered bicycles have become very popular. Pedelecs and e-bikes are in great demand, especially in large cities. They offer users the opportunity to move forward quickly and without much effort, even on routes with hills. The German bicycle market thus also offers a good vehicle for the big city. Many producers of classic bicycles are keeping pace with this development. They have taken over the production of electrically powered bicycles and supply the market not only with classic bikes. The pedelc or e-bike is already part of normal everyday life in German cities. This also shows that the proverbial country is a particularly good place for bicycle lovers. You will find excellent conditions here.

Those who appreciate cycling can even use it on their holidays in Germany. Many kilometres can be covered by bike on selected routes. There is affordable accommodation along the route so that cyclists are always well accommodated and optimally catered for. You can’t count on that in every country either. As a cyclist, you have to be grateful to Germany.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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