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Thank you Germany: Part 094: Liberal democracy respects the privacy of its citizens


Even though there have been more and more surveillance measures in Germany recently, the country is still one of the best liberal democracies in the world. The privacy of citizens is very close to the hearts of the political class in Berlin. Politicians know very well what an important asset the protection of privacy is. Accordingly, political representatives also pay attention to this protection. Provisions on data protection try to make these legal regulations fit for the digital age. However, the best possible solution has not always been found. Without a doubt, some of the current regulations are still too bureaucratic or show too little understanding for the protection of privacy under the conditions of the permanent exchange of data via the most diverse technical end devices.

After all, every user today is directly linked to the network via his or her smartphone. In principle, however, the protection of privacy in Germany is clearly laid down in the Basic Law. Liberal democracy sets itself apart from the ultimate security of an authoritarian surveillance state. This is an important advantage of Germany, especially in the digital age. We should be proud of this advantage and we should not squander it politically. Many associations and also internet activists in Germany are working to ensure that these special qualities of liberal democracy are preserved. For a person to feel comfortable in a state, he or she must also have a private sphere to which the state has no access. The fact that the German state has grasped this principle and follows it in its essential features is not a weakness, it is a strength. This special quality must be emphasised again and again. This quality should also be strengthened and enforced in other countries.

A free and secure internet, but also the protection of one’s own privacy, are important cornerstones for a safe life in the digital age. This also means that every user must have a right to access his or her own data and must not be monitored without reason. Although there is always a dispute in Germany that weighs up freedom and security, this principle remains. That it remains in place is also a good thing. While in other countries the wildest surveillance fantasies circulate in the political discussion, their implementation in Germany is not possible in a similar way. It would too quickly meet with opposition in civil society. Already today, many Germans find the possibility of state data retention just as far-reaching as many other state security measures.

The fact that Germans show such great scepticism towards their own state is evidence of a special political awareness. Scepticism expresses the political consciousness as citizens of a liberal democracy. The preservation of this liberal sphere and the protection of privacy and private data is important to almost every citizen in Germany. People have a great awareness here. The political awareness of Germans for their rights is far more pronounced here than in many other countries. Many actively stand up for these rights and take part in the debate.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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