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Thank you Germany: Part 095: Animal welfare is a special concern in the FRG


Animals also have a comparatively good status in Germany. Both for the keeping of animals and for slaughtering in the industry, very special standards apply in this country. In most other countries, animals can only dream of such good protection as they enjoy in Germany. The country also ensures that there is no trade in exotic or endangered animals at all. Even those who own a pet or encounter animals in public spaces must treat the animal with care. Cruelty to animals is also a punishable offence. Moreover, animals are under special protection, of which there are not many left.

Even those who find hornets or certain insects in their garden must take care of them and may not simply drive them away. The hornet is under nature protection, as are many other animals in Germany. Even large building projects have already been thwarted because certain animal species have been found on the building site. Endangered animal species do not enjoy such protection in other countries. Many Germans are not bothered by this extensive protection. They are proud of their respect for animal rights. It is simply good manners in this country not to torture animals unnecessarily and to take special care of endangered species. The Germans’ environmental awareness is too pronounced for them to simply overlook these animal rights.

There are even many people in Germany who work in their own associations or groups to improve animal rights. This activity of many committed people is also a sign of a highly developed political awareness in the field of animal protection. After all, a considerable proportion of the German population also eats a vegetarian diet. Today, every city offers vegetarians a suitable diet. The many vegetarians and vegans in Germany ensure that the demand for meat has always fallen. On average, at least half of all Germans go through a phase once in their lives in which he or she eats a vegetarian diet. Many people discover that meat is not necessary for a healthy and delicious diet. They subsequently follow a vegetarian diet for many years.

The slaughter of animals is thus reduced by a lower demand for meat. But also the industry today is confronted with clear animal rights that set clear guidelines for the slaughter of animals. Compared to other countries, these are more restrictive in Germany.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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