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Thank you Germany: Part 096: Strong tenant rights ensure safe housing


Tenants’ rights are also well protected in Germany. Many people in Germany benefit from this. A large part of the population does not own their own home, but lives in rented accommodation. The clear rights for tenants ensure that these people cannot be thrown out of their homes so easily. The rights ensure that people in Germany do not become homeless so quickly. Those who do not have a place to stay and cannot find accommodation with friends or family can also count on good support from the German welfare state. The number of homeless people in Germany is much lower than in most other European countries. Legal regulations in combination with a strong welfare state still ensure that most Germans have a roof over their heads.

Anyone who becomes unemployed can count on unemployment benefits to take care of the rent in an emergency or to provide a substitute to the existing flat. This has already helped many people in Germany out of difficult situations in their lives. However, landlords who want to terminate their tenants’ tenancy for no apparent reason do not have it so easy in Germany either. The rights of landlords are also clearly regulated in the country. But the relationship between tenant and landlord is embedded in legal frameworks that ensure responsible handling of property.

For many decades, this special quality has contributed to the fact that the situation on the housing market is comparatively relaxed, despite increased rents. Compared to other countries, it is still comparatively good. Here, tenants cannot always count on such good rights. Germany’s Basic Law ensures that ownership always goes hand in hand with responsibility. This applies in particular to the ownership of real estate. Although many people have become wealthy by renting or buying and selling real estate in Germany, they have always had to comply with a certain legal framework.

It is good that such legal provisions exist. They ensure that people do not only act according to profit interests, but also act responsibly. In this way, the regulations not only strengthen Germany as a business location. They also ensure that people can live well in Germany. Tenants’ rights are an important pillar of a social market economy. They are extremely well respected in Germany. It is good that there are clear legal regulations in this area that can be relied on.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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