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Thank you Germany: Part 097: Many Michelin-starred restaurants also offer something for higher culinary demands


In Germany, there are many Michelin-starred restaurants that offer visitors a culinary offer that meets very special demands. In contrast to some other countries, the cuisine of these restaurants is internationally inspired. People love refined food that deliberately picks up ideas from very different countries. Just as the state is politically open to intercultural possibilities, so is the country in its cuisine. Many of the award-winning chefs have already worked outside Germany and acquired very special insider tips from the kitchens of these countries. No wonder that many visitors from other countries also like to come to Germany to consciously indulge in the culinary offerings of this country.

It simply offers a particularly select cuisine. Incidentally, restaurants of this kind in Germany are not only to be found in the big cities. Many small villages also offer cuisine of the highest standard. This is something to be proud of in Germany. For those who cannot afford a visit to a starred restaurant, Germany also offers a wide range of options. There are many restaurants that are candidates for a star. They often already offer the quality of a star restaurant, but do not yet have its prices. So if you go specifically to a restaurant of this type, you can enjoy a high-class offer on the spot at a lower price. But even many restaurants without a star in Germany already offer culinary delights of the highest standard. Even chefs like to visit them. Many chefs from other countries visit restaurants in Germany to gain inspiration for new dishes.

The country ensures the highest standards of kitchen training for restaurants. The special controls and internal quality management of upscale restaurants also ensure continuous high quality. As a rule, restaurants of this type offer a wide range of different menus. Many people take advantage of these offers. Some do not get to know them at all over their lifetime. Anyone living in Germany should experience such a special culinary offer at least once in their life. It ensures that tastes develop in a special way.

This enhances the quality of life just as much as it gives people a treat for body and soul. A good restaurant makes an important contribution to a beautiful life. There are many good restaurants in Germany and that is a good thing. It ensures that everyone can find the right one for their taste.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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