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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 001: Introduction to B2B Internet Marketing Strategy


In the first part of his series of articles, Sanjay Sauldie gives an overview of the different elements of an internet marketing strategy for companies in the B2B sector.

Stage 1: Analysis

Do a free website analysis now. For example, test your website at If there are any error messages, then you urgently need to take action!

Step 2: Target group

Define your target group as precisely as possible. Entice them with really valuable information for your target group! What really excites your target group on your website so that they decide in favour of you?

Step 3: Keywords

Do you really know with which “real keywords” your prospects are trying to find you in search engines or are you still guessing? Test it under our free tools on and you will surely find even better keywords that are more lucrative for your business. With the wrong keywords your target group will never find you and you will even spend money in the wrong place!

Step 4: Optimisation

Have your web designer improve the design of your internet presence on the basis of steps 1 to 3 and only put the website online after all quality checks have been carried out.

Step 5: Marketing

Have your website listed in strategically important B2B portals. This will also increase your PageRank in the long term, an “Internet marketing unit of measurement” that is becoming increasingly important for sales on the Internet.

Step 6: Controlling

Regular analyses of your website statistics allow you to make concrete web design optimisations of your presence: which page is very rarely viewed, which product is almost always overlooked, on which pages do my visitors leave me? This information plays a very important role in strategic Internet marketing.

Step 7: Strategy

Regular optimisation is very important in the fast-moving medium “Internet”. Google & Co change their algorithms and so it happens that months ago you had a very good position on the hit lists and today you can only be found on the lower ranks.

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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