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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS Column : Part 025: The good content of your website is crucial for success on the Internet


Good online content is the salt in the soup of internet marketing. But unfortunately, very little value is often placed on this. The salt becomes the hair in the soup and harms the company. In this part, the expert for strategic internet marketing in B2B reveals the 7 reasons why you should strive for good content on your website.

1. Good content on your website binds readers

Visitors to your website don’t just expect a catalogue of your products and services, in B2B even more so. The prospective customer wants to know something about you, wants to know if you are the right company to solve his problems. Therefore, give your visitors easily accessible good content so that you can generate more contacts from visitors.

2. Good content is a sign of know-how

Every company has a treasure trove of information and expertise. As long as this is just lying around in your company, it is only of use to you. A strategic step is to generate content for the Internet from this internal know-how that presents your know-how but does not reveal everything. Here, intelligent handling of resources and information is important, so don’t do without a small committee that decides which content can be released and which belongs to the company secret. As soon as you publish good content on the website, for example, you open up the possibility of exchange, of discussion – yes, these are the first steps of successful communication with a potential new customer.

3. Good content is loved by search engines

The more often you publish a new article, the more curious you make search engines. Search engines want to read up-to-date content on your subject – and if you give the search engines what they want, you get a reward: good rankings in the search results! It is important to make sure that your content has been optimised for search engines and for people – see Part 10.

4. Good content is hotly debated

For many of my clients in the B2B sector, this area is still treated very stepmotherly. The content of your website is quoted by others, recommended to others and commented on in various places on the net. This gives you an unexpectedly good distribution of your content. Prepare yourself for this, because the marketing of the future looks exactly the same: Only if your contributions are present in many places on the net can you generate any attention at all and be considered an expert in your field. Do you just leave your market to your competitor?

5. Good content leaves traces on the social web

Even if you don’t think much of Twitter and Co. yourself yet: People are already discussing and recommending the content of websites there. Whether your website is one of them depends only on whether you are ready to catapult your company into 2010 with new marketing rules or whether you remain traditionally stuck in old ways. Just because you don’t participate doesn’t make Twitter go away. With this ostrich tactic, a great many companies will lose out in the future – similar to how Microsoft slept through the internet market and Apple went straight for the new online world or how Brockhaus, for example, lost out to Amazon. What happens in the B2B sector has an impact on the B2C market!

6. Good content is an investment in building your brand and identity on the internet

The more good content of yours circulates on the internet, the more links you will get to your website – one of the important “currencies” in internet marketing. These links bring you valuable visitors who are interested in the topic, i.e. come from the desired target group, as well as good search engine positions, since Google rewards websites with good links from reputable sources.

7. Good content lasts “forever

It’s amazing when you look at the web statistics of some B2B providers: Since valuable content of professional articles does not change daily, especially in B2B, even older content often brings a good number of new visitors to the website Therefore: your texts of today are the archive texts of tomorrow. So put some effort into it and your investment will bring you pleasing results for a long time!

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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