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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS Column: Part 030: 7 basic rules for good content on B2B websites


One guarantee for the long-term success of a B2B website is strong content. When it comes to content, the rules for B2B companies are also vastly different from those for B2C business. Sanjay Sauldie, an expert in strategic internet marketing, lists the 7 basic rules for creating good content for a B2B company website.

The content of your company website must be interesting and informative and at the same time be about your area of expertise. It has to be interesting for people first. But in order for search engines like Google to find these texts “interesting”, original content is needed that can only come from you. It has to be unique so that a visitor wants to read it and can even benefit from it. If you write well, you will also be perceived as a reliable source for the special field on the internet, and search engines like Google notice that.

Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to good content. Good content is created in traditional ways, requires a lot of research, revision, care, a good online presentation in a readable format (i.e. text garnished with paragraphs and headings) and useful content. It is the combination of creativity with know-how.

It also turns out in content: the rules for B2B companies are vastly different from B2C. With you, the visitor expects very specific content that can only come from you as an expert. Therefore, I will only mention here the 7 most important rules you need for good content. Of course, a content campaign has to be adapted very precisely to your individual challenges and industry.

Basic rule 1: Write your own content

Who else but you knows your business better than you? When I talk about this with entrepreneurs in my seminars, I am always amazed at the treasures of information that exist but almost never make it onto the website. Just start structuring your knowledge and create a special area on the website for it, e.g. an encyclopaedia, a link collection or a wiki. Readers of this column know what I mean – see tip 12.

Basic rule 2: Research the past too

How about putting something about the history of your industry on the website, or the history of the products, yes, even your company history? People like honest experiences, like to see what successes and also defeats a company has gone through to become what you call a brand. The more you write about your industry, the more Google likes you!

Basic rule 3: Hire an external expert

Look around: Are there editors in your field who can deliver good content for you? Even name the editor on your website and have them do research for specific topics in your company. Sometimes, as an internal person, you don’t see your own great topics that immediately catch the eye of an external person.

Basic rule 4: Ask customers

How about allowing your (fan) customers to publish on your website, for example, with password protection? On the one hand, you would give your customer the opportunity to present his own company, on the other hand, you would get new content without wasting time. Through these posts, your reputation gains a lot. Would you write for someone who disappointed you and did a bad job? Look!

Basic rule 5: Use exciting pictures

Have a photographer come to your business. Make sure that he does not only immortalise the employees, but also takes many pictures around your company and products. Let him take an additional 100 to 200 pictures. You can then use them in articles and on your website. Pictures say more than 1000 words!

Golden Rule 6: Change text formats

There is nothing more boring than pure continuous text. Break up the text on the web with good headings that include your keywords – see tip 4. And use paragraphs, bulleted lists, numbering and lists. And make the content visually palatable.

Basic rule 7: Watch co-providers

Look at co-provider websites regularly and analyse what is done well there – and learn from it! Just make sure that you position yourself as an expert, because the internet loves originals! Which niche can you still fill?

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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