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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS Column: Part 037: (End) The DNA of the B2B Internet Marketing Strategy according to iROI


In genetics, DNA is the carrier of genetic information. Internet marketing expert Sanjay Sauldie transfers the principle of the two strands that wind helically around an axis like a rope ladder to a successful B2B website. One strand is increasing sales, the other is reducing costs.

Again and again I get the same questions at my talks and seminars: What is the ideal plan for a B2B website? By plan, most questioners mean whether there is a guideline for success in internet marketing for B2B. The answer is: yes!

In the previous 36 posts – all posts are archived at – I have collected many ideas and presented them to you. These all follow the iROI internet marketing strategy for B2B companies:

In addition, I have compiled the DNA of a website for you. The DNA consists of 2 strands, which I will explain to you here.

1. DNA strand: Increasing sales

First of all, the first strand consists of the goal to increase sales. To do this, you first need the attention of your target group. Only when you reach your target group exactly do you have a chance on the Internet. You can find out how to do this in my earlier articles at

Then it’s a matter of engaging your visitors and – under certain circumstances – educating them by offering new services, e.g. white papers or webinars. Then you generate leads from the visitors, i.e. the visitors become contacts, one of the main tasks of your website.

Once that happens, these contacts end up in a database and can be qualified by your sales department. This is a very important process so that you make the best use of the resources available in your company. With these new contacts, you create an increase in sales because you can approach the existing contacts with the appropriate attention.

2. DNA strand: cost reduction

Again, it all starts with attention from search engines and a smart and beautiful website. But here the website has an additional task: changing the behaviour of the visitors. It is not just about pure information transfer in one direction website to visitor, but the channel is opened in both directions!

Visitors’ needs are asked, forums are offered in which visitors are allowed to participate and contribute their own ideas. This way we learn more about the needs of the target group and reduce the costs for customer service! In some B2B companies, call centre costs have gone down extremely because the website was already able to answer the recurring questions. This intelligence of the website should not be underestimated, because it increases over time, so that fewer and fewer really open questions remain! Think about it!

These two strands together ensure that in the long run a B2B company will have a DNA that will save them from extinction. Evolution has always favoured strong genes and this is now transferring to B2B companies on the Internet!

Good luck in optimising your DNA in internet marketing wishes you Sanjay Sauldie!

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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