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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 004: Making the most of keywords for your website


“If you want to win customers on the internet, you first have to be found yourself,” emphasises Sanjay Sauldie, an expert in strategic internet marketing. After the expert explained in Part 3 the most important criteria according to which Google ranks a website, Sauldie now uses a concrete example to illustrate the importance of the keywords of a website.

Do you still remember? In part 3 we talked about how to find out the best keywords. Now, imagine you are a PCB manufacturer in Stuttgart and you would like to be found under the terms PCB sales. If these are really your keywords, then you should also secure the domain (still free at the editorial deadline!).

The reason: one of Google’s criteria for success is that you also own the keyword domain. Under certain circumstances, this may mean that you should acquire several such domains in addition.

Unfortunately, most web designers don’t know the Google criteria very well, because they are rather busy creating and maintaining client websites. Just last week I was with a client who had the same challenge as you and asked me, “Why don’t web designers know the valuable information you gave me today?”

Website must provide useful information on the topic

Well, the answer is clear: to create a website you need a web designer, to market it you need an internet marketing expert. What good is it for your salesperson (=website) to just be beautiful if she doesn’t get the right words out to the customer?

Unfortunately, Google doesn’t have “eyes” like we humans do and therefore can’t do anything with the design of your website. Search engines would like to present the best websites to their users, but not the most beautiful websites on a topic, but the most useful websites.

Practical tip:

Why don’t you click on and just enter your keywords and see which domains are still available? You don’t have to make a reservation at, just ask your trusted provider to set up these free domains for you. Domains are like uncultivated land and will play an increasingly important role in B2B marketing in the future.

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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