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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 005: The long tail in B2B internet marketing


Keyword optimisation is different in the B2B sector than in traditional B2C. Because users enter several search terms here in particular, the long tail is crucial. For companies that want to overtake conventional competitors on the internet, long tail is an important step.

In order to attract visitors to the website, it is important to know the best keywords on the internet and to optimally understand the behaviour of searchers. Especially for decision-makers in management, this knowledge is valuable because it can lead to a change in strategy.

Long Tail 1/7: Whoever leads in the niche wins!

The big mistake that is often made in B2B Internet marketing is to always choose keywords that are so general that they are searched for correspondingly often. Companies then invest a lot of money for these general terms, especially in expensive Adwords, which unfortunately come to nothing. It is much better to look for a niche and to be the market leader there or to be listed in the top 10 on Google.

Long Tail 2/7: Long Tail – what is it?

Long Tail is a new approach to management on the internet and an important step especially for companies that want to overtake old-fashioned companies on the internet. In the conventional, real market, the costs of offering and reaching niches are often too high. The demand for the products from the respective niches in a geographically limited area is too low. Globally, however, the demand is enormous. These geographical restrictions do not exist on the internet. Supply and demand can meet here on a virtual level that knows no real distances. This is the ideal condition for B2B companies!

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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