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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 006: Why PageRank hardly plays a role at Google in B2B


The PageRank of a website is probably the most talked about. Yet PageRank is only one of many measures and not even necessarily one of the most important signals. This is especially true in B2B internet marketing.

PageRank is now only one factor among many. Google’s “master of the algorithm”, the Indian Amit Singhal, recently told the N. Y. Times that more than 200 factors (which we have divided into 65 categories in the iROI strategy), called signals in Google, go into the ranking of a page.

What is this PageRank that drives many webmasters to optimise day and night just for it and then often give up in frustration when, after various actions, there is no improvement in the ranking after all? Well, it’s quite simple: PageRank as such does not exist!

It is wrong to speak of “the” PageRank, because there are 2 different ones: the first, which is displayed in the toolbar, for example, and the real PageRank. How do they differ?

While the real PageRank is recalculated every time a page is rated, the small green bar in the toolbar is only updated about every 3 months: Google then updates its index and calculates the real PageRank for all web pages and writes it into the database.

A good PageRank does not mean more sales

The PageRank Toolbar then retrieves it from this database for the next three months and displays it as a green bar. Unfortunately, far too many webmasters and web designers care about PageRank and forget really valuable strategic components that affect more than just the ranking of a website.

That’s why I often encounter incomprehension from web agencies and half-knowledgeable people who simply cling to PageRank, and whose clients still don’t feel any increase in sales. It is a real pity that many agencies make their clients feel insecure by doing this.

So: Give up the PageRank hysteria and start thinking clearly in the world of internet marketing – just because you have a good PageRank doesn’t mean you make sales!

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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