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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 007: These measures increase the visibility of your website


The most beautiful and sophisticated websites are of no use if they cannot be found on the Internet. That is why the goal of every company is to position its own websites in the top ranks of the search engines.

To position your own website in the top ranks of the search engines, the “normal” possibilities are not enough. Online marketing requires more! This includes the decision of the company owner whether he wants to appear aggressively in the online market – to always be found in the first places of the search engines – or whether he wants to use serious but more time-consuming strategies. Here I have presented the most important promotion options that you should definitely use.

Link exchange

One of the oldest methods: contact webmasters of other thematically related sites and ask for a link to your homepage. The rule is: try to exchange links with sites that have as many visitors as possible.

Customer service

Because of the low transaction costs, the Internet is the ideal medium to make customer service cheaper, but at the same time better. Without the Internet, these goals were always opposed in the past – and this is no longer the case. Let your B2B customers participate in the service and help develop it!

Press work

Inform the press and major web portals about what you do. With a bit of luck you will be appreciated as an interview partner and then mentioned with an article. In the next part, I will support you in strengthening your press relations!


In some sectors there are networks that market and promote many smaller sites together. You can even set up such a portal yourself and thus expand your expert status.

Online marketing must be linked to product and sales strategy
The right approach can only be found with comprehensive knowledge of online marketing and product and sales strategy, as the matter is complex and subject to rapid change. Entrepreneurs who invest the appropriate experience and time to study the new internet buying and prospecting streams will do it themselves. For all others, I recommend seeking appropriate expert advice. It always pays to be ahead of the competition.

That’s how fast things are moving in the world of the internet: what used to be reserved for big companies, we as small businesses can take into our own hands and appear on the internet just as optimally as the really “big ones”. Public relations on the internet is free and should be well planned. In the next part, I will share a few basics from my many years of work with companies. These companies have managed to achieve real growth through public relations on the Internet.

*Sanjay Sauldie is CEO of the company and director of the institute

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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