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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 008: Generating more free press articles with B2B Internet marketing


One way of promotion is press relations. Public relations are free on the internet and should be well planned. Inform the press and major web portals about what you are doing. With a bit of luck you will be appreciated as an interview partner and then mentioned with an article.

When doing press work for the internet, you need to keep the following in mind:

Step 1: Who are you writing for?

Press work is mainly about relationships. Relationships between the company and journalists and between journalists and their readers. The important step for you is who you want to serve. Consider whether, for example, you are more interested in a trade journal publication (and then more likely to seek a relationship with the journalist in the department) or whether it is an important topic for your end target group because you embed real benefits in the information you pass on.

Step 2: Media selection – traditional

Which target group reads which media or which sources are interesting for your target group to form an opinion? Do one thing: just go to the station bookshop and wander through the magazines they have. In which of these magazines would a report about your company really be ideal? Either invest a little money and buy the newspapers or take a dictaphone with you and simply record the titles of the magazines that come into question for you. That would be the traditional way to get addresses.

Step 3: Selecting online media – today

With the “real” magazines in your hand or on tape, you can take a look at how their internet presence looks. Let’s take as an example: Click there and enter a term in the top right-hand corner under which you would like to read a report about yourself.

You will then find corresponding reports and can see from the type of reports what a report has to look like so that it can be published. This knowledge is really important for step 4. Add to your list of potential magazines by typing in, for example, “online magazine” and then your keyword. You then click on some portals and look around to see what else is out there outside the real world in terms of magazines that are of interest to you.

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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