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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 014: How to boost your e-mail marketing with RSS feeds


With RSS feeds, companies have another option besides newsletters to distribute their news. Sanjay Sauldie, expert for internet marketing, shows the advantages of RSS feeds for internet users and providers and what companies should consider when offering the content subscription of their website.

Would you like to know at any time when new articles appear on an interesting website? Then you might want something like a “newspaper subscription” for your favourite websites. Traditionally, you would then subscribe to a newsletter. By e-mail, the site operator sends news to your mailbox.

But perhaps your letterbox also says “Please do not post any advertising” more and more often? And, hand on heart – do you really read all the newsletters? This is the reason why RSS is becoming increasingly important alongside newsletters. Especially because the legal situation regarding the sending of e-mails in Germany is becoming more and more entangled. Some address dealers have an absolute problem with this.

With RSS, web users can subscribe to news from websites and receive them on their computer. Just give it a try:

Click on: iROI RSS Feed and you “subscribe” to my content quasi like a newspaper. As soon as I write a new article, you will automatically receive a message. It is interesting to see whether your website also offers others to subscribe to your content or not.

RSS is included free of charge in almost every CMS

ATTENTION: some companies like to “sell” you this service on the website for expensive money, although today it is included in almost every content management system for free, e.g. in typo3 or wordpress. The RSS feed only needs to be activated. One click is often enough! If you are unsure, contact me, I will support you in designing a real RSS strategy.

This allows your content to be automatically imported by others and thus your message is presented to a very large number of people. Great, isn’t it? If you want to automate your marketing, we should talk about it sometime, that’s what the internet is for!

Integrating email marketing and RSS technology

RSS feeds can be used to give e-mail marketing a new impetus. To do this, RSS feed providers should try to generate newsletter subscribers from their RSS subscribers, who are mostly anonymous. This is achieved by forwarding the RSS feeds to specially prepared pages and pointing to the newsletter there!

The art of internet marketing is to use the marketing tools in such a way that they reinforce each other in their positive effect and do not cancel each other out. Unfortunately, this happens very often, especially in the B2B sector. Here, things are simply tried out without structure and without strategy, which then cancel out the previous marketing to zero again.

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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