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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 015: How to set up a search engine compliant redirect for your web pages


When you buy a new domain on the internet, it is forwarded to your main domain by your provider by default. Because Google penalises the creation of twins on the net, it is important to integrate a search engine compliant redirect. Sanjay Sauldie, specialist for internet marketing in B2B, shows the correct redirection.

Redirects play a very important role on the internet. Normally, you don’t notice anything about a redirect in practice. After all, that is their purpose. Let’s take a look at different types of redirects:

A 301 redirect: redirects correctly in search engine terms to the subfolder of

A javascript redirect is when you find the following information on some websites: “You are being redirected to page xy, or click here …”. This is the worst form of redirection because search engines do not like this and may not index anything.

How to test redirects

The only redirect that is really search engine compliant is the 301 redirect. To test how good your own redirects are, simply test your redirects. So, find a domain x that you own that links to another domain y. You test domain x here:

If you don’t have a proper redirect yet (i.e. two domains show the same content when called up!), then you should definitely apply a redirect using this method.

What 301 forwarding means

With the 301 status code, you signal to the search engine that the address is outdated and that it should only use the new address. In doing so, Google also takes over the Pagerank of the old page and passes it on to the new website. This is particularly interesting if, for example, you move your website to a new provider or to a new domain.

Compare this 301 forwarding with a forwarding request at the post office to forward all incoming letters to your new address when you move. All you have to do is tell them when and where the new visitors will be forwarded. If you don’t do this properly, don’t be surprised if you lose visitors!

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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