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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 017: The secrets of successful websites in B2B


In 15 years of dealing with internet marketing and intensive cooperation with companies, my roadmap for marketing on the internet has emerged: iROI. The iROI strategy consists of 7 important steps necessary for successful websites. I have discovered four basic secrets of successful websites in B2B, which I will share with you today – especially for the readers of Elektronikpraxis:

1. Education

The first B2B iROI internet marketing strategy is: educate yourself and your staff in internet marketing. And don’t stop there, educate your customers too. On your website, you can make sure that visitors don’t just get to see the “usual” content – you could, for example, record a real training session on video and then make it available to your customers in a special section. The more your intelligence gets into the minds of your customers, the stronger your brand will become! You can achieve this much more easily via the internet! Or, for example, do a roadshow with a great speaker and invite your customers to it and show them how your customers can become even more successful, e.g. with an internet marketing lecture.

2. Establish communication

Another important B2B iROI internet marketing strategy is to open the door to communication with your customers and website visitors. The aim is to make your company more credible to the customer as an expert, to build trust and thus appear as a partner rather than a salesperson. When connecting with customers, carefully evaluate the frequency and duration of each contact. Not everyone wants new information every week.

Just make sure that the customer can choose the frequency of the newsletter, for example. Standard software does most of the work for you. That’s the beauty of the Internet! Let the customer choose what he wants to be informed about and how often.

Also, use RSS technology (see tip 14 see tip 14) and be up to date with the latest technology. You’ll be amazed, it’s cheaper than you think, because most of the requirements are already virtually standard today.

3. Transparency – is your website logical for decision-makers?

Faithful readers of this series know what I mean. Often web designers like to hide the pearls of the company in a labyrinth that a visitor cannot escape. At least make sure you have an intelligent search function (Play along: Click on and enter the search term iphone. Do you like the result? Technically clean, but with over 7000(!) search hits, wouldn’t a sorting function make sense?) Please put yourself in the position of the decision-makers and buyers! Are you making it easy for them or too easy for yourself?

4. Customers are treated like human beings

Yes, what is written in stone here does not seem to apply everywhere, because often they are just reduced to customer numbers. Successful B2B internet marketing campaigns are designed to win over buyers, not sell them. Inspire buyers by knowing their birthday and then giving them something nice.

Thank loyal customers e.g. by inviting them to events or by giving them knowledge or books. Show that you value the person and not their position. Experienced B2B marketers are characterised by precisely this sensitivity. You can also learn more about this in Thomas Burzler’s sales training courses.

If you keep these 4 pillars in mind for your marketing on the Internet, you will already be ahead of the game! Good luck on your way.

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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