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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 018 – 7 ingenious B2B initiatives that make your company more successful


In this part of his series of articles, Sanjay Sauldie, top speaker and expert on strategic internet marketing in B2B, gives 7 recommendations that make companies successful, especially in difficult economic times: Now the right strategy is decisive in B2B.

Now is the right time to act. Yesterday’s game of generating sales at any cost has changed. Today it is important to save costs and still become more successful. A contradiction? No, with the right strategy you can achieve this without laying off a single person (you are not AOL).

Every business today must learn to do more with less. Here are 7 ingenious B2B initiatives that can help companies achieve their goal:

1. Control the performance of your sales channels!

Unfortunately, companies today often only use traditional sales channels to reach the market. Try to make greater use of new channels, e.g. the Internet, and compare them with the traditional channels. Eliminate weak channels and activate the strong ones. A good saying about this: Some people ride a horse that is already dead!

2. Increase the number of your regular customers!

The cost of acquiring new customers is enormous. Sales cycles have become longer and the internet makes it easier to compare different suppliers. The cost of offering more to a regular customer is much lower than acquiring a new customer. Just take more care of your fan customers!

3. Measure the value you create for your customers

The economic crisis shows it again: Values are becoming more and more important, especially ethical values. Ask yourself: What benefits do you create for your customers? Which problems do you solve better than others? What value, what benefit do your customers appreciate? As you can see, the product is not important, not even the price. Compare it with this: What do you think a person dying of thirst in the desert will value more? 100 kilos of pure gold or a bottle of water worth €2.

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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