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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 019: B2B Internet marketing according to the orchid principle


nternet specialist Sanjay Sauldie compares a company website to a beautiful orchid. If you take good care of your website, Sauldie says, you will enjoy it for a long time and ultimately be successful. In this part of his series of articles, the expert for internet marketing reveals 7 care tips for the website according to the orchid principle.

Orchids need very little water and still bloom for a long time much to people’s delight. If you put the plant in the right place, it needs very little light and flowers. I have an orchid in my study and was quite sad when it lost a few of its flowers. More flowers wouldn’t come up, even though they were about to.

This morning I understood the principle – and it fits wonderfully with our theme of marketing on the Internet. The orchid principle fits wonderfully to our topic Marketing on the Internet.

Orchid tactics part 1: Concentration on the goal

A website should be like an orchid – beautiful, blooming and a boon to the person who nurtures it as well as its friends and visitors. Without a clear goal, none of the buds will come up – unfortunately, this often happens with websites, so please ask yourself the following questions today:

  • Who do you want the website to be made for?
  • Who exactly is your target group whose problem you are optimally solving?
  • What is the long-term goal of your website?

Orchid Principle Part 2: Making decisions

This morning my orchid opened its first flowers. It was a great sight that I enjoyed. But this result was no coincidence: in the last few days, my orchid decided on the two flowers it wanted to continue to build up and simply pushed off the other flowers to do so.

For our website this means: what information do we have on our website that brings us closer to our goal, what is more likely to confuse a visitor? This is a very important decision, because only if you have really useful information on your website will you benefit from it in the long run. Well, what could be ballast, for example? Anything that blinks, anything that takes your eye away from the core message, anything that is not where you expect it to be.

Orchid Principle Part 3: Meeting expectations

My orchid fulfilled my expectations and therefore gets a place of honour in my newsletter today: it made me happy! Was I upset about the flowers she gave up? No, because it was her decision.

It’s the same with your website: often web agencies try to sell you ideas and things that actually have no place on your website because visitors are not really interested.

For example, I have often found a Flash animation that only shows how good the designer is, but does not consistently motivate your visitors to stay. Pay attention to which content is used by your target group at all and which is simply ballast. Make your website slimmer, but fill it with a lot of information that interests your target group!

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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