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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 021: How to plan a successful B2B website the right way


A website wants and needs to be well thought out and prepared. In this chapter of his series of articles, Sanjay Sauldie has created a checklist for planning a successful B2B website. The nationally and internationally recognised expert for internet marketing explains what to look out for in the preparation, implementation and operation of the website.

I am often asked how one should prepare one’s own Internet presence. Therefore, I have decided to prepare a to-do list today so that everyone can optimally prepare their own Internet presence. If you take your Internet presence seriously and want your customers to take it seriously, you have to invest time and money: that should be clear from the start.

In the following, I will roughly name the conceptual steps and considerations when entering the WWW (World Wide Web) in the form of a checklist with keywords. One divides the entire entry into 3 major parts:


  • Definition of objectives: What kind of Internet presence are you planning – representative, interactive, sales-oriented?
  • Responsibility: Who does what for the Internet in the company? Who answers e-mails? Who decides what?
  • Budget: one-off costs, running costs, follow-up costs;
  • Target group definition: design, language and structure are based on this!
  • Market observation: How do other competitors appear on the net? What do they do well and less well?
  • USP: What is the value of the unique selling point (USP)? What makes your company stand out?


  • Domain name: good, suitable, easy-to-remember name;
  • Provider selection: Compare price and performance! The cheapest provider is not always good enough;
  • Web design: less is more, better something good once than always just midfield quality, reflects the quality of the company;
  • Content: get good sources of information and ask suppliers for information;
  • Patience: it is better to wait a week longer than to go online too quickly with half information or unfinished pages;

Ongoing operation

  • Continuous development: static pages are rarely successful, keep updating!
  • Feedback: take user reactions into account and encourage them!
  • Relaunch: after 1 or 2 years, a basic renovation of the pages is absolutely necessary; many websites resemble patchwork because new parts have always been added but never properly integrated. The best thing to do is to schedule a basic relaunch at an early stage.

If you need professional help on one point or another, please contact me.

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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