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“Aha” effects that ensure immediate implementation”: Monika Thiess, Senior Project Manager, Gaggenau


This has been my best seminar for a long time. It was a great pleasure for me to be able to take away so much knowledge, strategy and several “aha” effects for everyday life, not only privately. In an authentic, relaxed and clear way, Mr Sauldi gave us examples and amazingly valuable instructions and support for immediate implementation. Our mindfulness towards the media has risen to its peak within 2 days! Will spend the holidays with the book “The iROI -Strategy for Leaders -Digital Leadership”… Continued success on all paths Mr Sauldie !

Ms Monika Thiess, Senior Project Manager, Gaggenau

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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1 thought on ““Aha” effects that ensure immediate implementation”: Monika Thiess, Senior Project Manager, Gaggenau”

  1. Ich hatte schon mehrfach die Gelegenheit einen Vortrag von Herrn Sauldie zu besuchen. Es ist jedes Mal ein Erlebnis, mit Ihm in die Welt von Social Media Facebook und Google einzutauchen. Selbst Skeptiker sind nach seinen Vorträgen begeisterte Fans.


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