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“Words to educate freedom”: Suzanne Schröder, Social Media Manager – Marketing as well as Sales Representative, Ringer Time Recording Systems


I have to admit that I was a sceptic at first when I heard about the iROI method from my boss, even though I am basically a curious person, open to new approaches. It’s not surprising that nowadays, especially in marketing, you get almost daily calls to ‘improve the ranking’ of your website and often even very pushy to impertinent. Interestingly, the more calls when it is noticed that movement is coming into the ranking of the company, at least according to my own observation – everyone then wants to jump on the bandwagon that has started to move 🙂

Well, relatively new to the company, I first got to read a book “The Secrets of Successful Websites”, many things were not necessarily new to me (but had I implemented all of them?), then I was allowed to participate in an in-house workshop and meet Mr Sauldi personally in action. Then the second book “Digital Leadership”. WOW! I can really only say one thing, not to get too carried away here: >Education for freedom< –

Taking someone by the hand, away from the complicated fuss of a sorry to say ‘often overrated, arrogant marketing scene’ with a simple message in a nutshell, in order to then continue on your own path and to reflect on yourself again and again. Of course, this also involves doing one’s homework at regular intervals – developing oneself further and not resting on one’s laurels, which means READING READING READING, for example, and of course acting. As I am not only active in marketing (social media), but also in sales, I know very well what it means to have a good salesperson.

Anyone who knows cold calling by phone will appreciate it when enquiries suddenly ‘just’ pop in. Sanjay Sauldie’s down-to-earth, open, cordial manner combined with competence is simply fun and puts me in a good mood and, thanks to the openness of my boss, makes me see my job as an extended leisure activity.

Ms Suzanne Schröder, Social Media Manager – Marketing and Sales Representative, Ringer Time Recording Systems

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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