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Thank you Germany: Part 103: Good etiquette without a cramped posture


Germany offers fair interpersonal interaction. The condition for this is good etiquette, which ensures politeness without appearing uptight. Polite manners are not limited to people of a certain age group. In Germany, they are valued by many people of very different ages and are very consciously displayed. In everyday life, many people treat each other courteously and considerately.

In Germany, educational institutions as well as family upbringing equally ensure that people treat each other with consideration. Ideally, children are already prepared in their families to treat their fellow human beings with special consideration. This is not only about close friends or relatives. People should also be considerate towards others in public life. In Germany, a large part of the population still does this. Those who come from some other countries are used to much rougher customs.

In public life in the Federal Republic of Germany, a certain degree of friendliness is generally observed. However, good manners are not a rigid corset of rules of conduct. One classifies one’s own behaviour quite pragmatically. This means that people treat each other in a friendly but relaxed manner. This mixture ensures that in Germany you can make uncomplicated acquaintances with other people, even in public life, without getting too close. The certainty that a certain personal distance is maintained ensures that people meet each other with recognition and openness.

Good manners are thus an important basis for social exchange in the country. They are the basic rules that ensure that no one is abusive towards the other. Where people in Germany feel they are being treated unfairly, they usually bring this up. So people from other countries can also count on the fact that misunderstandings can easily be cleared up. In this way, the country offers both visitors and residents a good cultural basis for respectful interaction with each other. You simply have to be grateful to Germany for this way of dealing. It has been established over centuries. There is a good reason why people still adhere to important manners today.

Last updated on 6. February 2023

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