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ELEKTRONIKPRAXIS column: Part 032:Why internet marketing can be very frustrating and how to get rid of the frustration


More and more participants come to my seminars for B2B internet marketing who are simply frustrated. The reason: many time-consuming and costly campaigns go unheard and unnoticed in the vastness of the internet. After the seminar, my guests know how promising internet marketing works without frustration.

“We have tried to do something in internet marketing for our company. We had an SEO company (SEO: Search Engine Optimisation) do something, but it didn’t work. We send out our newsletter but not many read it. And those who do read it don’t come to our website.”

“Oh, and then we started a Facebook campaign, we now have 5 friends and 2 of them are our own staff – the others are complete strangers to us! Now we have heard that we should tweet. Can you recommend us to do that?”

These or similar are the questions that are often asked at the beginning of my seminars. Does this sound familiar to you?

Actionism without strategy remains without success

When I wanted to learn web marketing, my teacher told me something very valuable. He said “Imagine a street. If you walk on the left pavement, you are safe, if you stand on the right pavement, you are also safe. But if you stand in the middle, you will be run over, over and over again. In internet marketing it’s the same: either you do it right (left side) or not at all (right side). On both sides you are safe with all the consequences. But if you do internet marketing only halfway, you will be frustrated. Then your actions are just shouting in the woods where no one listens to you!”

Decide which side of the road you want to take! And if you really want to get it right, then you need a strategy: a complete planned approach with which you can lower your frustration factor. Just imagine it like this: Someone takes you by the hand and accompanies you on your way to internet marketing. a hand you can trust because this hand has experience.

Internet marketing is frustrating because it is not easy. It is simple, but not easy. You can just quickly start an action on the Internet: you can place Adwords, set up a website, open an account in Facebook and tweet – all very simple, because these portals make it very easy.

95% of all B2B Internet presences are unsuccessful

Nevertheless, you can waste a lot of time and resources, as 95% of all B2B websites unfortunately do, and still not reap any success. Of course, your marketing department will be happy to show you the new website, the great promotions and everything that goes with it. The question is simple: how effective are the promotions?

Well, in my experience, blind actionism is the wrong way to go on the internet. Give yourself a year and consistently apply the iROI internet marketing strategy. I will gladly show you the most promising ways and take you by the hand. However, only if you have really decided on this path, otherwise there is no point.

Internet marketing in the B2B sector is promised to you by many agencies because they have discovered a niche in this field – and unfortunately many decision-makers simply rely blindly on the agencies and are then surprised when the budget is used up but nothing has really moved.

If you are tired of always chasing the latest trends and falling flat on your face, then please make sure that from today you employ or appoint a young (perhaps unemployed) person as an internet marketing representative in your company who will completely take care of your website. A person who will further their education and learn and then apply Internet marketing strategically for you according to the iROI strategy!

This is the only way you will profit from Internet marketing in B2B in the long term! The participants in my seminars understand this and then go back happy and freed from frustration – and they make a difference in the company.

Feedback from my seminar participants can be found here.

Last updated on 7. February 2023

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